Now that the new year is upon us, how can we go about making some changes to ensure that we have a better 2013  than we had in 2012? Here at Maven Websites, we’re going to give you 5 Internet Marketing Resolutions to put you on the right foot this year. What’s more though is that you actually have to do it if you want to get some results. It’s much like working out, if you want to see results, you have to start putting in some sweat equity!

Alas, here are your Internet Marketing Resolutions:

  1. Google + : If you haven’t signed up your business for Google +, then drop what you are doing and do it now! Google + is not only for SEO, but it’s a major part of your business’ reputation online. The more positive reviews that you can get from your satisfied customers, the better. If you are a retail store, I would recommend putting a card in each bag, when somebody purchases your merchandise, with a link to where they can write a review on your company. If you are not a retail store, I would recommend getting your customer’s email or address and sending them a thank you note with a request for their review. Remember… the more reviews the merrier!
  2. Youtube Video: I don’t want to hear any excuses on this one. Everybody and their pet monkey’s uncle (you herd me right :) has some kind of video recording device (cell phone, digital camera etc).
    • Here are a couple ideas on video topics:
      1. Video about your company
      2. A charity event your company put on
      3. A background story about how you started the company
      4. The best thing that happened last year or anything else that you can think of.
    • And no, it doesn’t need to look super professionally done. Let your imagination go on this one. You can use Windows Movie maker to put together a simple movie containing an intro and ending with your company logo and contact info, then along with your video in the middle. Super simple. After you are done, upload it to your youtube business account and write a blog on your website with the embedded Youtube video in it.
  3. Be Social: If your company doesn’t have a business Facebook or Twitter account then get one, it’s free! Why? because there is no better way to get the latest new out about your company. Think about it this way, if you had 300 loyal customers following you on Twitter or Facebook and you went to release a new product, you could post it on your social accounts and everybody would know about it instantly! This is by far the best medium for free marketing you can find. How can you increase your following on social media outlets? By putting “Follow us on Twitter” and “Like us on Facebook” everywhere!
    • On your email signature
    • On the header of your website
    • Bottom of letters and faxes
    • On your business card
    • Every marketing piece you send out
  4. Blog: You should be staying up to date with your website’s blog. This means that if your company website doesn’t have a blog, you need to get one immediately! Why? Because this is where you can update your customers with detailed information about your company, products, news and more! You can use the social media outlets to announce it and include a link to your website’s blog that has the detailed information. This is a great internet marketing approach to have customers jump through hoops to ultimately contact you. Which means that everything that you write on your blog has to have a killer headline, enjoyable reading content in the middle as well as a phenomenal closing hook to get them to contact you. What are some other ideas for writing on your blog?
    • Industry news. If something happened within your industry, let everybody know about it.
    • Industry Tips, Tricks and how-to’s. You are the expert in your industry, so be transparent with your craft and show the world how they can get something done themselves.
    • New products or services offered.
    • New employee or office building.
    • Announcement or news release.
  5. Website Update: If your website is over five years old and hasn’t been updated, you have to update it now because it is loosing you money! There are numerous ways to update your website inexpensively. The most common way to update your website if you are strapped financially is to create a WordPress website. WordPress websites are very simple to setup and they look very professional. Themeforest has a great selection of templates to get you started. Here is a link to WordPress Tutorials to get you off on the right foot. What’s so great about wordpress?
    1. WordPress is very simple to use. You can create a new page or blog in seconds without knowing html.
    2. Professional themes are very cheap and easy to implement. At Themeforest they cost $1 – $50.
    3. Blog Included: Every WordPress site has a blog included so you have no excuse for saying you can’t update your website :)

I hope that these Five Internet Marketing Resolutions will help you improve your business, branding and customer relationships. Enjoy your New Year and let us know if you need any help with your Fort Collins SEO or your Fort Collins Web Design efforts. We are here to help :)