Hello, today I’m going to go over 5 Link building tips for 2013 (sorry, video says 2012 :). And go over a general idea on internet marketing and how this can benefit your business going into this new year. So, as we look at internet marketing as a whole, we want to look at how to go about internet marketing. Internet marketing really hasn’t changed from traditional marketing to marketing online.  What I mean by that it’s really still about building relationships.

There are really just these five simple ways to go about building relationships online:

  1. Social Media: So as we get into the first aspect of link building, which is Social Media,  there are really four main sites of social media that will really help build your business. Those four are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ local and Youtube. Obviously there are other social media sites out there like Pinterest among others. These four are the ones, that if you have a local business or larger company, will help your company the most.
    • Facebook: We all know the impacts that Facebook has on social media to help build branding, relationships online and promoting your business.
    • Twitter: is also really nice for initial news, or tid-bits from which you can also add links back to your websites. So staying engaged with those two, and not just spamming it, but giving those who are following you a reason to continue to follow you. As an example: Posting something feisty or fun on your posts to keep it fresh and real. Don’t have your posts spammy with a whole bunch of solicitations.
    • Google+ Local: Google + Local is not really evolving in the social media aspect, but it is a little bit. People can join in your circles, which is kind of like a Facebook knockoff kind of, where you can have people within certain circles. You can have different circles for different groups. For instance you can have a circle for people within your industry, people within SEO or marketing. You can differentiate different people by categorizing them in different circles. The other aspect of Google + is the Local aspect of it where you are actually putting your business location in Google and they are verifying your location. So, as far as ranking locally, Google is really paying attention to the location aspect of your site. This is one aspect of Link Building and your rankings that can really help your SEO.
    • Youtube: Youtube is the next major area of Social Media link building. Within your business, it’s always amazing, whether you are a Waukesha Roofing Contractor or in our case a web development & Internet Marketing company, to be able to talk and interact with people. It’s a lot easier to watch a video than to read this long segment on a how-to video or something like that. So videos are a great way to improve your branding and building links back to your website. So a good rule of thumb, for whatever industry you are in to do one video at least a month. For example if you are a contractor, it’s really easy to do a before and after video on a project. Or to do a how-to tip for how to repair your roof. It doesn’t have to be super over the top with the production, but just keep it simple. Obviously have your company contact info in the beginning and the end of the video will help with link building.
  2. Citations: Citations are the next major aspect of link building in terms of building a reputation online with integrity. As we look at quality sites for building citations, here is our list:
    • Google + Local
    • BBB
    • CitySearch
    • Super Pages
    • Yellowbot
    • So if you are going to get going with citations / reviews, these sites are the one’s that you are going to want to start with. What I mean by citations, is just customer reviews. It’s vitally important to have reviews for your business. For example, if you are looking for a hotel in San Francisco, you are going to be looking for the reviews online as well as which one has the best prices. So you are going to be looking at the reviews of the site and to see which hotel has the most and best reviews. And so, citations and reviews works the same way for your company. We’re trying to build your reputation online so that if a customer goes online, how can they distinguish your company from your competitors. Citations is one of the best ways. Citations is not only great for obtaining customers, but also for SEO.
  3. Building Industry Relationships: Going out and talking to vendors and talking to other professionals in the industry. For example, I know that construction is a very tight nit community and no matter what size city you are in you pretty much know who the other construction guys are. So building a relationship with them and writing about that relationship on your blog. Say you are a general contractor and you work with a lot of sub-contractors. Writing your experiences with them as well as a link to their site is a great way to start the relationship process. And a lot of times, the other contractors will do the same thing for you on their site. Obviously vendors are a great location to get backlinks to your website as well. A lot of vendors have  list of certified professionals on their site. So reaching out to your vendors is a great way to build links.
  4. Building External Relationships: Another way to build relationships is by having a free offering! Better yet, a free offer that multiple companies can get in on. One small example of that is by a equipment rental company here in Fort Collins, Best Rental. They do a lot of small equipment rental for landscaping. What would be phenomenal is to have a local landscaping company come to Best Rental and put on a free demo showing customers how to do a particular aspect of landscaping would be a great example of a joint free offering. This does two things: You can do a press release, you can notify local news outlets to put it out there so that you can build a buzz about your business that way. This is just one small example of what building relationships with a free offering can do.
  5. Giving: Giving is another way that you can get out and build relationships. Either by sponsoring a local baseball or football team. A lot of times, things like that where you can have your logo on the team uniforms is great. But the link building opportunity that comes from it as being their sponsored logo can benefit you as well. Another aspect of giving is the charitable aspect as well, like fundraisers. This is one aspect where I’ve been touched personally with my wife and I going through breast cancer. All the local businesses that helped out with the fundraiser, I followed up with writing thank you’s and reviews about their generosity  And, of course posting links to their company.  This aspect of link building isn’t really for link building purposes, but it’s more for yourself as a company.

These are the five major aspect of link building for this new year of 2013 and beyond. If you have any questions, please give us a call (970) 639-0777 or check out