Fort Collins Web Design Doesn't sellDoes Your Fort Collins Web Design Sell?

Is your company website in need of an update? Your not alone, for most Fort Collins businesses are in need of websites. Why? Because the websites in the area are getting pretty dated. The websites were developed 5-10 years ago when companies were merely just trying to get their websites online and the websites didn’t really sell anything.

Obviously, we are well past the “Build it and they will come” mentality for web development. Your business website needs to sell and stand out from your competition. What’s exciting is that your competition will typically not be doing what you are about to learn ( and implement :) ). You see, most business websites in Fort Collins, Colorado, are merely encyclopedia websites. Meaning, that all they do is give you their company name, phone, list of services and a contact form. Very, very few of them actually sell!

Here are four tips to turn your Fort Collins website into a selling machine!

  1. Phone number and address on every page – Your company phone number should be on the top of every page. You don’t want your customers to have to search through your site to find your phone number. In some cases, it’s nice to have your address under your phone number, but if you want to put it in the footer area, that’s fine too. If you are a general contractor in Fort Collins, it’s better to have your address on the top of every page under your phone number. 
  2. Sales Headline On Every Service / Product Page - This is one of the oldest sales techniques in the book, and I’m floored how many businesses either don’t have a sales headline or a headline at all. How do you write a sales headline? Write a sales headline that speaks directly at how your service benefits your perfect target customer without talking about your company. Don’t say: “Here at ABC Roofing, we’re the greatest roofing company in Northern Colorado”. Instead, say something like:  “Protect Your Roof For Years To Come With our Lifetime Warranty Impact Resistant Resistant Shingles”. This is a great example because it uses your services as the benefit for the need that the customer has.
  3. Sales Content – As with the sales headline, the main sales content is not about talking about your company! This is the area where you can use your services and products as the benefit and solution for what your customer needs. Always talk about the benefit and not the feature. Here is the difference between a feature and a benefit: Feature – Our Cell phones are outfitted with a 8MP camera and speakers. Benefit – Capture incredible photographs & Videos of your family and friends with our high quality 8mp camera phone! Nobody really cares about the features of the product or service, but everybody cares how product or service benefits them! So speak to your customers in that tone. It takes a little longer to come up with what to say, but your conversion rate will increase dramatically!
  4. Testimonials - Some business websites will have testimonials / reviews on their product or service, but not many. This is where you can differentiate your company from the competition. Here are two ways to utilize testimonials -
    • Review sites – Google Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Pages etc. Upon every sale, as a part of your closing process, ask for a testimonial on one of your review sites. This will greatly legitimize your company and make you stand out from your competition.
    • Your Site – Do you want to blow your competition away? Get a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL  for each one of your products or service. Nobody is doing this with their Fort Collins Websites! They are really hard to get, but are worth 100x their weight in Gold! Go through all of your previous sales orders and start out by contacting your top 10 customers asking for a video testimonial. It doesn’t need to be super high quality, so any digital camera and a quite room will work. Good luck!


I hope that these four tips have helped you get on the right track for how to improve the sales content and overall conversion rate of your website.

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