Here is a great video on our Review of Evernote’s new Chrome app: Clearly. As with my previous blog post on Evernote Web Clipper, you will notice that I just love Evernote applications! Evernote’s App Clearly is no different. Clearly allows you to view a blog or article in a normal book reading style without the theme, ads or anything else that isn’t apart of the page.

My example shows an example of site that is just overrun with advertisements and popup’s! Evernote’s Clearly shows how it will remove all of the ads from the page so that you can read the article more… well, Clearly! The Clearly app also allows you to save the article to your Evernote application so that you can read it later using any device that has Evernote. Also, Clearly allows you to:

  • Highlight text on the page.
  • Change the way in which you view the article by updating your Clearly theme preferences.
  • Print clearly’s version of the article or blog
  • Text to speech (For Evernote Premium Subscribers) translates the article into audio so that you can listen to it instead of reading.

  Download the Clearly App Here.