Is Link Diversity Real In SERPS?

Ok… so I noticed something this morning within Google’s algorithm that really made me think. This morning I had a blog post “Do Capital Letters Affect SEO” that ranked #6 in Google’s SERPS for the keyword phrase “Does Readability Affect SEO”. Granted, my blog post wasn’t entirely a perfect match for what the person was searching for, so the search experience in this instance wasn’t very good. Probably because there aren’t very many other competing pages on that exact topic. So, my page ranked pretty well because it had most of the “Exact” keyword phrases in the right order within my title tag.

What happened though is that I actually wrote a blog article on “Does Readability Affect SEO” and noticed 10 seconds later that my exact match article ranked #3 in Google and my previous article on capital letters was moved to the bottom of the second page. See images:


This brings up a interesting question: Can you rank the same domain on the first page of Google for a particular keyword phrase? Or does Google not want to see the same domain on the first page of it’s SERPS for a particular keyword phrase? Does Google’s Algorithm compare both pages within the same domain, parse all the information on each page and decide which one would be best to rank for the keyword phrase? The results say that Google does!

In this example, Google’s algorithm read both of my pages and decided that the blog post with the exact match title tag, and unique content, was the correct page to rank for the best user experience. Which is correct! But why did my prior blog post not maintain it’s #6 ranking on the first page? My thought is that Google’s algorithm doesn’t want the same domain to be found twice on the first page because of user experience and a greater variety. The proof is that my page on Capital letters went from #6 to #18 in Google’s SERPS after I posted my exact match article on the topic. Nothing else changed on my end. I posted an exact match article on the topic and literally 10 seconds later my other post was on the bottom of the second page.

Overall I think that the algorithm made the right choice and sent my non exact match blog to the second page to better help with search experience.

UPDATE: Here is what Danny Sullivan said on Link Diversity back in September. Apparently, Google’s algorithm works in this instance.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen this as well?