Best Event Rentals Website



Take a look at Best Event Rentals new website. Best Event Rentals called us and asked us to develop a party rental website that not only looks good, but one that would be versatile enough to do everything that they were wanting. Also, because of the limited SEO functionality of their old web service, they were looking to have their new site very SEO friendly.  [/row] [row]


Best Event Rentals categories of inventory allow them to divide their list of services into categories that allow their customers to easily dive deeper into the category that fits their needs.

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The product display section shows each category’s product along with their rental pricing.
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The detailed product section of Best Event Rentals’ website is where it gets really good. In the case of a party canopy, the customer has the ability to select the rental time (1 day, 1 week etc) as well as the color of the tent (blue & white, red & white etc). Then they are able to add the item to their quote request.

The party rental’s quote request system functions much like a checkout system, but there is no money exchanged. During the checkout process the customer is able to also select the delivery location with different pricing for each location. When the customer clicks submit, it will email the quote request to the store’s manager where they can setup the reservation and contact the customer to confirm everything.




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