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ESPN Video Error Google Chrome

I know, I know, this article isn’t about web design, but I thought that I’d write this article to help you out if you are going through the same issue that I went through. Here’s the background on what was going on. I’m currently using Google Chrome as my web browser and when I went to watch a video on ESPN (during my lunch break of course:), the video didn’t work. No matter what page I went to… read more

Maven Websites Welcome’s Southland RV!

Maven Websites Welcome's Southland RV!

Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working with Brett with Southland RV in the development of their new RV Dealer Website. Southland RV is a locally owned Atlanta RV Dealer with a great selection of New and Used RV’s. The reason for the update was multi-fold. Brett was looking for a new site that not only looked better but would also rank higher in search engines when customers locally in… read more

Web Design Loveland

Loveland Web Design Company We’re still updating this page, to read more about our web development please click… read more

The dos and don’ts of email marketing

Emails are very important especially when you want to market your products or an organization. Email marketing is one of the most convenient and inexpensive method to use when marketing. You can send an email to a million people by just clicking the send button. It does not matter the location your customers are they will get the message at the same time. Yes it can be a good means of marketing… read more

Non WWW to WWW

What is the difference between having a website being linked to as and The differences is that search engines can think that they are two different websites; which is a problem for multiple reasons including SEO. First and foremost for SEO purposes, you don’t want your link juice going to two different pages that ARE the same page, so making sure that… read more

Virtuemart Custom Field Price Doubles Original Price

My Issue: On my Landscape Photography website that I’m building, I’m trying to sell fine art prints through Virtuemart where I have Custom Fields setup for each print size (Example: 8×10 – $85, 11×16- $120 etc). However, I have to have a base price setup in the product information tab in order to have the Add To Cart Button appear. My issue is, whenever I click on the custom field drop down and… read more

301 Redirect Htaccess

Real quick, what is the purpose of a 301 redirect .htaccess? The purpose is to let search engines know that a particular page has purmenantly moved to another location. This is pretty common when you update your website or webpage and you need to transfer all previous links to it’s new location. 301 htaccess Redirect for SEO: This is vitally important for SEO! A 301 redirect will help you to… read more

Guest Posting Guidelines

Maven Websites Guest Posting Guidelines: Maven Websites is a locally owned Fort Collins Web Design and SEO Company and as such, we are looking for exceptional authors who would like to add their creative thoughts to our blog within the topics listed below. So, with that said, don’t even think about submitting a blog outside the realm of internet marketing as a whole…. you will be rejected. Key… read more

Buzz Bundle Review

Link Assist’s Buzz Bundle Review Are you in the market for a Social Media Management software? Being the owner of a local Fort Collins SEO company, I have been looking for a SMM tool could handle all aspect of SMM under one interface. Sure there were phone apps that claim to do so, but I couldn’t find anything that would not only manage my social profiles, but the SMM campaigns of my customers… read more

Godaddy WHOIS Email Fake?

As a Fort Collins Web Designer, and owning numerous domains myself, I’m always VERY skeptical when I receive an email from a major internet company saying that I have to update my domain information. This morning was no different. I received an email from Godaddy saying that I needed to review my contact data and make any changes necessary. Typically when i receive an email like this I will do… read more

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