Google Displaying Google Places for Web Design & SEO Companies within SERP’s!

Have you ever noticed that Google doesn’t display either web development companies or SEO Companies in their local SERP’s? For instance, if you do a search for Denver SEO Company, you will get results back that look like this:

Denver SEO Company SERPs

Google Search Results without Google Places listings for local search.

Also, if you are to search for “Fort Collins Web Design”, you will see results that look very similar:


Fort Collins Web design in search results
Google Search Results for Fort Collins Web Design


Hang tight with me for one more second. Now if you are to do a search for “SEO Companies in Colorado” you will get search results that look like this:

Colorado SEO Companies Google Places in SERPs

Google Places being displayed in SERP’s for Web Design and SEO

I did another similar search for:

  • Website Companies in Colorado
  • SEO Company In Fort Collins
  • Website Company in Denver

Within all of the different variations of keyword phrases that I typed in, one thing stood out. That if you type in the general keyword phrase “Denver SEO Company”, Google doesn’t display the local Google Places within local search results. However if you search for the “Service Type” + “In” + “Location” – SEO Company In Denver, Google WILL show the Google Places within search results.


My thought, after numerous search trials, is that Google is using the keyword “In” + “Location” as their keyword identifier that will display Google Places in SERP’s for our industry. So the question becomes:

Why does Google display Google Places in SERP’s when using the identifier “In Location”, when searching similarly, for Fort Collins Web Design, means exactly the same thing?

I’m not sure what their logic is behind this, but here we are all the same. What are your thoughts?