Here at Maven Websites, we do quite a bit of different web development and internet marketing and we’re always on the lookout for software that will help us to give our customers the very best product available. And, as the business owner, I’m always trying to find new ways to streamline our workflow and improve our quality. Ever since I started my business in 2008, we’ve tried every different type of software to help us with our websites and SEO. We’ve tried Web CEO, SEO Moz, SEO Powersuite and numerous others.

After five years of being in business, one program has remained the must use tool for our development needs, enter SEO Powersuite. Link Assist has done an incredible job of helping us developers with a combination of tools that makes our everday jobs much easier. I’ve purchased other tools like Web CEO and others, but still keep on coming back to the easy to use SEO Powersuite.

Here are the benefits of how we use SEO Powersuite within Maven Websites:


As a part of the SEO Powersuite bundle, their RankTracker software is indispensable for automating the arduous task of checking where your keywords are ranking. What’s really nice about the way that SEO Powersuite set’s up their software is that it’s really easy to see the history of a specific keyword from month to month. The software will also allow you to email reports to clients every month so that they can see their progress as well. Another nice add-on with this program is the addition of a proxy system so that you can check a huge list of keywords without getting your IP banned.

Rank Tracker also has a Keyword suggest tool that I use from time to time to help me stay up to date on keywords that I may not already have on my current list. All in all, it’s a must have software for my SEO Company!

Website Auditor:

This is the backbone of their software bundle. The website auditor is perfect for displaying the on-site SEO aspect of your site and letting you know what needs to be updated. As the realm of SEO is shifting it’s focus to emphasize more on-site SEO, this tool has helped me immensely with pointing out simple errors in my site structure.

SEO Spyglass & Link Assistant:

These two programs are two of the best methods for building my company’s branding and rankings. I have put them together because they are very similar in the fact that they really help you to gain link building opportunities. They differ, however, in the way in which they help you do that. SEO Spyglass will help you build links by building a list of what backlinks your competition currently has. While Link Assist is to help you build relationships with new webmasters to obtain links from them.

I currently use the entire SEO Powersuite for every facet of my business and wouldn’t trade their services for anything! What’s really nice about what they are offering is that you can try their software free for life to help you get familiar with their software. I would highly recommend trying them out.

Let me know what you think!